Four Countries, Four Cultures


In each I have dealt with different personalities, some nice, some dreadful, some boring, some charismatic, some dangerous, some gentle.


All of them were interesting.


The fact is people intrigue me.


Each individual has different challenges, some greater than others. They remain challenges.


As a Certified Professional Coach and Body Language Trainer my mission is to help individuals find the positive, to reflect on their own perceptions, beliefs and own them-selves. Create their space - in life and or business.


Becoming aware of who you are, being clear on what you stand for and how you portray yourself to others.


This makes building your confidence, developing your strengths and being successful much more attainable.


It is important to me that my clients learn to trust themselves, find clarity and create their unique space.


If you want to be taken seriously, come across well in an interview, build a better client base or build a business - it becomes much easier if you can build trust and openness.


My mission is to help you up your skills, build your confidence and develop your people power.


Four Countries - Four Cultures


I was born in New Zealand and as it was so far away from anywhere, I was off traveling overseas as soon as I was able. I lived and worked in the UK, South Africa and then Germany. Some of you may already know me through my former antique and restoration business.


Always willing to explore new avenues, learn and do, the world of coaching took me in its grip.  I completed my certificate as a Certified Professional Coach and now I am fortunate to help people in various countries discover their strengths and set up their businesses.


Coaching is all about listening. Listening to what the client really wants to say and to move it up a notch I have complimented the coaching skill with a certificate in Body Language. This is incredibly powerful as it allows me to pick up on otherwise unnoticed non-verbal indicators.


As a Certified Body Language Trainer, I help people improve their non-verbal skills which can increase trust building, confidence and leadership skills immensely.  It really is a super power!

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